Fail0verflow demonstrate Linux and Steam running on Firmware 4.05

Marcan42 of Fail0verflow fame was at the CCC33 event this year, to explain how Fail0verflow exploited the PS4 hardware in order to run Linux on the PS4.

Marcan42 explained how the base of the hack consisted in a man-in-the-middle attack of the PCIE bus on the PS4, with the rest of the presentation focused on why several patches were required on the linux kernel for it to run on a PS4.
Towards the end of the demonstration, Marcan ran Steam on the PS4 to confirm 3D Hardware acceleration was working.

Asked if Fail0verflow planned to release an exploit for a firmware higher than 1.76 (PS4s running firmware 1.76, the only publicly exploited firmware, can be found but are expensive), Marcan answered that his whole presentation was running on a 4.05 PS4, but also confirmed that Fail0verflow do not intend to release any exploit for the PS4, as their focus is 100% on the Linux port (for which all of their work is already available on github) and they want to avoid typical scene drama.

Download Fail0verflow’s Linux port for the PS4

Fail0verflow’s work on the PS4 can be downloaded on Github