Irssi 1.0.0 has been released,

Irssi is a modular chat client (IRC) that is most commonly known for its text mode user interface.
This release contains many improvements, In total, 132 files changed, 3434 lines were added and 3202 lines deleted.

Some hi(gh)lights:

  • irssiproxy can now forward all tags through a single port. By Lukas Mai
  • the kill buffer now remembers consecutive kills. New bindings were added: yank_next_cutbuffer and append_next_kill. By Todd A. Pratt
  • autolog_ignore_targets and activity_hide_targets learn a new syntax tag/* and * to ignore whole networks or everything. By Jari Matilainen
  • hilight got a -matchcase flag to hilight case sensitively. By Thibault B
  • Display TLS connection information upon connect. You can disable this by setting tls_verbose_connect to FALSE
  • Certificate pinning for TLS certificates
  • /names and $[…] now uses utf8 string operations. By Xavier G.
  • New setting completion_nicks_match_case
  • /channel /server /network now support modify subcommand. By Jari Matilainen
  • New option sasl_disconnect_on_failure to disconnect when SASL log-in failed

This release can be downloaded from our releases page. Binary test packages for various Linux distributions are automatically generated by the openSUSE Build Service and are available for download in the irssi-test repository.

The Irssi Team.