NL-1331 Europe Reawakens Oslo

NL-1331E is coming back to Europe to continue its exploratory mission during the 13 Magnus Reawakens anomaly series. It has been confirmed that NL1331 will have a new updated Scanner badge, collectible ingress item cards card will be given out, and select Ingress Official Niantic Gear will be available for sale through this site only. In each city that we visit on this tour NL-1331 will be doing a Klue dead drop. We have lots of other surprises including special swag hidden in many of the readiness kits. NL-1331 will post more details about that in the future. A official NIA Meetup with Niantic’s Ethan Lepouttre is happening on the 19th of September, and you’re invited to take part in this Cross Faction meet-up. TBD is our meeting spot for an evening of fun.

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